I love to travel and have been to four continents and 13 countries. This fall I'll be adding two more: Spain and Portugal. My favorite things to see in a new country are the art and the architecture.


I can't imagine not loving music. I grew up playing my parents' vinyl and I wouldn't be who I am today without that early influence. I took a great class a few years ago: Lyrics As Literature.


I used to be terribly allergic to animals, but I wanted a cat so bad the first time I lived alone (way back in 1989) that I told myself I'd never get sick again. I haven't. That was many pets ago.

Life Is Crazy

You think it's going to go one way, and then it zigs on you. But that's not so bad because it keeps things interesting. I thought I'd probably be a grandmother at this point in my life, but never had kids so there goes that theory.

Instead, I'm a marketer, an artist, a volunteer, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend and a few other titles I'll skip for now. I'm sweet, friendly and fiercely loyal but I also cuss like a sailor - sometimes.